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 01   Portfolio


 02   Motto

Ka sisaliku tee kivil jätab jälje 

kuigi me seda ei näe...

Karl Ristikivi, 1972

A lizard's track over a stone also leaves a trace 
Even if we do not see it...

Karl Ristikivi, 1972

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 03   About

I find myself putting aside all modern digital cameras and shoot mostly on medium format film now. Don't ask "which one is better, digital or analog?" — what is right for you depends on your work, goal, feeling, and many other things. I do not take pictures for a living but for fun. For me a self-developed film with its classic look has more soul in it than just bits and bytes on the memory card.
If you like to have some of my pictures on your wall, please contact me.

BTW, the best things in life are analog. ;)

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